five is a cool age. wish i were.

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conversation...between me and aubrey...
i just think you will find it funny.
im too tired to write it over, and the memory is such a cool one.

[me] hellomynameisz0e: OMG!
hellomynameisz0e: woahhhh
[aubrey] lamusicadeZoOeY: whatt
hellomynameisz0e: when i was like five
hellomynameisz0e: in portland oregon (i used to live there)
hellomynameisz0e: i told my mom
hellomynameisz0e: i loved her (you know how it is)
hellomynameisz0e: and i was like, mom, i love you soooo much, i wanna marry you
hellomynameisz0e: so this is a little wierd...but you know how it is when you are really little, right?
lamusicadeZoOeY: yeah
hellomynameisz0e: and my mom was like, well, you cant marry me
hellomynameisz0e: but you can marry girls
hellomynameisz0e: but then you cant have babies
hellomynameisz0e: and i was like, ohhhh
hellomynameisz0e: and i was like, well i guess i wont
lamusicadeZoOeY: hahahha
hellomynameisz0e: lol
hellomynameisz0e: yea
hellomynameisz0e: its kind of funny

mom and i were sitting at the table and i was eating or something and we were doing that thing where you are like, i love you sooooo much, and then the other one is like, i love you more.
and it was a sunny day.
and it was a day where i mightve looked out the window and mistook the chickadee birds for "chickpeas"
thats what i called them.
like, i called them garbonzo beans.
i wish i were five.
that would be so much fun.


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thats really cute! + if i

thats really cute!

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**