Gay Pride

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Well I haven't been to Oasismag in forever, but I have been thinking a lot since then. I mean most of my friends I have noticed are very different people. They aren't just gay guys or lesbian girls, actually very few of them are queer. Another thing I have noticed (well make that 2) is that women love gay guys (I'm not saying all, but surely most). At my new school, only the guys were reluctant to meet me. The women knew me as no harm and tried to make me theirs. However, In the end they turned out to be snobs and tried to turn me into their perfect gay guy. It was only a few weeks later that a few other people began to befriend me. Many of which I love and adore. They are the ones who I can call and cry on the phone with. They are those that can cry on the phone to me, and yet we're not perfect or we don't all understand each other. We are the best of friends and wouldn't give each other up for the world. The main issue that I am trying to get through is that the gay community is too self absorbed with itself, causing the rest of the world to turn its back. Gays do not need to exclude others, although people that are gay prove to be very helpful friends.

This brings me to a related topic dealing with homosexuality. Don't you think it is annoying when asian people shove in your face "AZN PRYD3!!!!****" (translates to Asian Pride)? I sure do and if I wasn't gay I would think that people being over-obsessed with rainbows and lisps are freaks and need to open theirselves to a more global cultrure. Someone told me that lesbians at her school are made fun of by the gay guys. Similarly, Straight people are not accepted in the gay community! What the hell! We are doing exactly what they did to us. In fact, not all straight people persecute us!


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I don't get this

I don't get this. You hate people who have asian pride, but are perfectly fine with gay pride? If you dislike other cultures being clearly shown, then why the hell do you support gay culture. What's wrong with Asian pride? It must be said though that I don't get any of it around here - I live in a very racist area of Britain, asian people are often disliked here.

Good to see you're back though

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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I hate you but I love you is

I hate you but I love you is what this comment gave me the impression of. :D

Well, I dont hate asians in fact a lot of my friends are asian. but the ones who shove asian pride in your face are the ones that hate americans and caucasions and I do know this by expierience

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Fair enough

Fair enough. If people see an asian person around here they pretty much call him a white hating asian pride nut for sayoing hello. So I get a little jumpy around people who shown sign of any anti-asianess. my mistake

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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umm i dont get whats wrong wi

umm i dont get whats wrong with asian pride, gay pride or any other type of pride. being proud of being yourself is great! i agree the gay community need to be more inclusive though. i know gay guys who slag off lesbians, lesbians who say all gay guys have AIDs, gay/lesbian people who hate bis and LGB people who make fun of trans people. whats with that? shouldnt we accept everyone no matter sexual orientation/gender - since thats what we all want for ourselves.

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