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OK here goes...I really like this guy and we just met...His step-brother is a senior this year in my Psychology class in high-school, he knows I'm gay but doesn't know his step-brother is...The guy I like I'll call him D and his step-brother I'll call him C...OK now back on the topic...I really like D but I don't know how well he likes me...I know his mom likes me b/c she's always asking D if were b/f's and he's like no Mom were just friends...He's really good looking and has a great personality and that's what I look for in a guy...I really hope it works out for me.


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Just to be sure you your fr

Just to be sure
your friend
and your friends step brother

are all gay?
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I'm agreeing with Barrali. Are they all gay? You lucky bastard. But seriously get in there with D

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