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Well here are some updates in my life for anyone who cares or if not whatever. I am switching electives beginning Monday from Cosmotology to Computers. I have caught up on all my make-up work that i owed before end of marking period which is tomorrow. My therapist left last week to go on maternity leave. So now this women who is going to fill in for her until the time where she can return back to her job. So i wrote this new person a note so that i can be comfortable talking in front her. Just asking basic questiond like Favorite Book, Song, Female Artist, Male Artist, Meal. Also to be fair i answered them on the back and just told her all what i just said since we haven't talked in person yet i left it in her mail box at school each staff member has a box.

So i will be waiting for that to come back to me or i might just talk to her in person next week when she starts workin 2-6 2 days a week. Hopefully i can talk to her like my other therapist on maternity leave. But i kinda feel like pissed cause we were just getting to other places problems she was helping me with and things she was helping me deal with. But her doctor ordered her on bed rest i'm happy for her and all just kinda hate that we were getting somewhere that took so long to get to and now if i wanna get back to it i have to get to know and trust and feel comfortable with a diffrent person when it took so long to bond with my other therapist.

My biggest concern is that what if i get to know this women like her as a therapist we start getting somewhere and then all of a sudden my other therapist comes back. Because this is only temporary she is just here until such time my other therapist is better emotionally medically and any other thing to return to her job. It just kinda sucks but i can deal with it. So to anyone who is reading this thanks so much and i really appreciate it. Oh and today i got to cook with my culinary teacher alone which we haven't done in some month's i loved it so much better than 2 other girls in there cause we have this bond.

She gets me and i get what she tells or says to me even though i don't know much about her. But if i can't talk to this new therapist i can always talk to her which is nice. Well that was it so thanks and have a great weekend and enjoy it.