Hand In My Pocket

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Hello. I don't usually write much because not many people read my
journal entries. It's all okay. Just like that song "Hand In My Pocket".
Alanis Morissette wrote it and it goes with all sorts of clashing
emotions and conditions and she sums it up in the chorus by saying
that everything's going to be fine. I guess that's how things are going
around here. My friend, Mandy and her boyfriend are have problems and
they might break up because Kyle's been putting her off in a distance and
keeping her at arm's length by telling her who she can't hang out with.
He also has been ignoring her by not showing any public displays of
affection. I also have been going through crush after crush without
any luck or hope for that matter. My other friend Toni is upset at
Dairen because he has a crush on Mandy and won't let it go and it
frustrates Toni and puts Mandy's relationship on the edge. And yet,
we all gather together together and forget all of our problems. And that's
where everything is fine. I guess that's all there is too it. See
ya soon!