Hello Hello Don't Worry All Is Great For Now ! ! !

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WEll hi sorry about all the journals but i really don't feel sorry might bne because of the Champagne but don't worry that's a good thing i always feel too fucking sorry sorry for talking too much sorry for liking a band a movie a food. Something always sorry so someone would like me i am glad i am writing this now so you guys can know the real me that i would have never admitted that part because of me wanting to be liked. Well something funny that happened was that my mother me and my sister which we were watching the Dick Clark special of Rocking New Years Eve. Well they have all these prerecorded performances and she was like is he gay.

I was like no it was Chris Brown peforming Run It hope some of you saw it. Well i started cracking up. I was like no ma he's not gay. She thought that becuase all his backup dancers were guys and no girls and i was like ma thats suposed to be like his crew his boys. WEll i had to come on here and tell you guys because lets face it you are mor emy friends than the kids i talk to at school. Well don't let this behavoir fool you or get you thinking i'm outgoing or mean i love life and love doing things for people and love talking.

Well my mother said that like 30 25 minutes ago. So if you like me hit me up and i can open up like this if you let me know i can really trust you and you won't leave. Wellas for Lynn i have to agree with Jeff as for your New Years being a suck ass one I think that that would be alot of fun to try it and that it might actually be fun as if you may or may not think so. But i had a rocking new years eve so thank you and the Champagne which made me so able to open to these people i call my friends. Ok gotta go moms is calling me saying disobeying her by not sitting in the living room with the family but i just wanted to tell you i love you all and peaze love and harmony yo man give me my love that i deserve bye bye .


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me too..

hey i know what you mean about saying sorry a lot. I do that too. people tell me i say sorry to much all the time, but oh well. Anyway be careful drinking, its fun and cool at first, but it can really backfire on you sometimes lol. Well happy new year.

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Hey manda i greatly appreciate your addvice on drinking. I takeit to heart and understand the casualties of drinking can be horrific. But i really don't like drinking or really do ever want a drink. We always have a little thing on New Years so i indulged. Which now that i am more sobered up wasn't really fully drunk though i am looking back and think that that was a good and once in a lifetime of teenage drinking i would want to have.

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