I...don't know

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The girl I like (the one who pets my head) sometimes gives me weird looks where her whole expression just says, "What the fuck?" Like..she'll just sorta glare at me, look me up and down twice. I really don't get it cause I never did anything. Sure a couple times I got hyper and was a bit weird but she didn't do anything then. I don't know why she's doing the head petting thing is she dislikes me... then again I should be the one giving her wtf cause she pets my head so I don't know what I'm doing that's so weird. I know she's looking at me cause she sits right next to me so yeah... Maybe she's joking, but after she doesn't laugh, smile or just make a joking face or something she just turns around. I don't know but it really bugs me cause people are always giving me shit about being weird and stuff so I just don't get what happened. bleh.


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I am pretty weird but that's not the point... or is it? I don't think I would ever let someone who looked at me like that pet my head... but easier said than done. I KNOW THE POWER OF THE HEAD PETTING and it is dangerous. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you should glare back at her. Maybe you should tell her that its not nice and not funny. Maybe I don't have any concrete advice other than I like head petting.

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maybe its a joke thing- liike she's in character or something, my friends do that all the time- then it escalates into a fake dramatic argument...we really get bored.