I'll survive

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I am still feeling fresh and relax, which is strangely enough for a Friday, when I usually felt totally weakened, defeated and tired by all sorts of resposibility.

I submitted my Programming homework and then walked out the *Nix meeting. It was really a social gathering rather than anythings else now a day. I am planning to bring some homeworks and other work related stuffs over next time. KennyD wasn't there. And I didn't event miss him. One of our mutual friends asked me where he was. I pretended not to hear it. Well I wish I could just told them that I had no clue and we stopped seeing each other. But some how I decided not to because, most of these guys didn't know we were dating each other. It would certainly raise all sorts of questions and issues. I just kept quiet.

Later that night, I got a page from Assessement Center that Advanced Database homework is returned from the Marker. The mark was really low . It was really difficult for me to read through the results and comments. The marker also made it more difficult to build any relationship with him. I found comments he made in his introduction letters and the result letter insulting, unhelpful and irrelevent. I decided not to take it any more. I emailed the Graduate school to ask for a reallocation. He is professional enough in term of marking, but his personal comments on my progress are the problem.

I was bit scared for Adrian yesterday, I kept asking how was the fire all day. I am things are under control now. I am planning to go see a movie after, my appointment with therapist. I am hoping that I achieve some closures kinda summarize my relationship with Kenny then move on.