I'm alone and hating it

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I am almost certain i am a lesbian without experiencing anything physical with another woman, but i want to. I don't know how to go about meeting someone without completely exposing myself to my friends in the process. someone help me. i feel cheap doing online dating, so for me that is not an option.

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i know this isn't really helping one tiny bit, but pretty much the same boat here...ah well, c'est la vie. I'm going with the hang on til uni or grow out of it approach (which ever happens first). good luck with finding someone though!

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I myself have never officiall

I myself have never officially dated anyone, much less physical stuff, but I just guess I knew when I knew.
I told a couple of my friends I knew I liked girls, but I didn't know to what extent - they all just said I must be bi.
Eventually, even though I kept thinking Ryu hated me, I didn't care. I knew I still had something there, and even though it's going nowhere, I just can't ever see myself with a guy...

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i came out to one of my girl

i came out to one of my girl friends and she's okay with it and thought in the past that she was bi and maybe she still is. so...i'm hoping for a first experience here. :) i just went with my gut and exposed myself, telling myself that i wouldn't care what the end relsult is.

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is she older than you?? if sh

is she older than you?? if she's older, just be careful. that's where i got into a little bit of trouble - being naive.
just make sure you have decided for yourself exactly what you are comfortable with, and whatever happens, good luck!