I'm back!

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Break is over:< but there's an upside:>, I get to talk again!! Over my break from school my family and I went to our other house in Nothern Michigan. Its a house on 10 acers of land and is in absolutly nowhare!! The most fu I have is when I'm myself but I lead a double life. I gues I could say it..
At school and everywhere I go, I am openly gay and love it. I have lots of people I talk to and can be myself with all of them. I hate it when people call me popular. I just say I know a lot of people:) but anyways ( ugh I keep getting sidetracted from people talking to me Ugh!)
I'm gonna have to finish this later, believe me it's interesting.


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Hehe, I'll be waiting for you

Hehe, I'll be waiting for you to finish it. Meh, your breaks are so short man. Not that it's too much of a bad thing - I'm bored as hell right now.

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umm...whaen you say that you

umm...whaen you say that you lead a double life...are you talking about masturbation?

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Lol, pfft. I think he meant l

Lol, pfft. I think he meant living a gay lifestyle in front of a group of people, and playing a game of charades being straight in front of another.