I'm Back...

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Hello. I've been gone a while and I'm
sorry for not writing. Not much has
changed since I last wrote. I'm still
single and searching for the perfect
guy. But the reason I left is that I
found other forums and places to write.
And I never really had much to talk
about here. So I moved to:


I guess I've been everywhere, but this
is where I started and I really want
to thank Uncertain. He talked to me
and gave me hints about how to write
good journal entries. See you soon!


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I'm glad you appreciated my h

I'm glad you appreciated my help. It was the very least I could do to assist someone. =]

Hope you enjoyed yourself at other forums. Also, good luck with finding that special person xD

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You're back?

You're back but you're going again? Shame (about the going bit obviously)

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"