It's over and done But the heartache lives on insideAnd who's the one you're clinging to Instead of me tonight?

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KennyD broke up with me just minutes, before I boarded the plane. He told me that I am a great guy, but he
no longer wants to hold on to me, he doesn't have any feelings for me. I have been foreseeing for times
but I am a guy that would give up easily - but he didn't give us a chance to fight, to talk and to grieve

Our relationship was rewarding and passionate. It was the first mature and grown up relationship I ever had.
The most beautiful thing about it was we felt the need to hide it from anyone. I could always kiss him
whereever we are and whenever. Deep down I am still wishing to see his embracing arms open up and him asking
me if we want to do it all over again, when I got back to Glasgow in two weeks time.

I wonder if he was trying to avoid a confrontation, when we waited until last minute to break up with me.
In opion, it was really selfish. of him to do that. Remember this was that I am still working with on the day
to day and we have been friends for years. He didn't give a chance to talk to my friends, or allow me
to have an outlet of any sorts. For 13 hours, I was restless, emotional and tired.

I tried so hard to get ridded of my dad since he picked me up. We also have a live-in house keeper. I really
wanted to be on my own. But I couldn't tell my dad about my sexuality or the relationship just yet. Well
not when I am valunable. Around 2 a.m. I sneaked into my dad's room. I told him I love him. I sat down on
his bed and tears started to come from nowhere. I went back ito my room and listen to my some musics and
DC's Emotion came up. I think that sums up my Emotion right now. I paged Marc and Jamie to tell them what
happened. They are really supportive and care a lot about me. I am missing them more than ever.


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I am so insulted

I was waiting for my dad on the other side of the mall. He is yet to turn up. I realized that the scene is not really that far from Royal Garden. I don't mean offend anyone in here. I can camp and I do scream from time to time. I think there is always a place and time for it.

I walked into the lane, well I am now grown up enough to deal with consequences and strong enough say fuck off. Well mentioned to Adrian earlier that I need to find a trendy gay or mixed bar. Well what I found in Pattaya scene is less than trendy. It's more like a hustlers hide out. I was so offended when one of them say "Hello beautiful you are so sexy" that was a traslation from Thai. It's not content matter it's the way they said it. I was gonna say somethings like "Like you are that butch madams". In your face, slutty behaviors are unacceptable for anyone. It just gives gay boys bad names. I am sure they are so many local kids struggling with their sexualities - the only role models they can find are butches of hustlers.

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I'm sorry your boyfriend broke up with you the way he did, and that it's been so hard for you. I know it doesn't feel good right now, but you will move on eventually and find other loves.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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Right now I only need half of reason to make up my mind

Right now I only need half to reason
to hate people and to dislike somebody.
I had become really synical and skeptical
about everything including my emotion.

I picked up my grandfather from the airport
today and I almost broke down. I know It
got nothing to do with him, but I felt my
inability to hold on to my relationship
would some how let him down.

Guess what being single is not all bad.
I always want to go on an All-Boys Cruise
or a real funky pool party. The only way to
enjoy this is to be single. Now I might have
somethings to look forward to.