just a question

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do u think it would be stupid to ask the person you like to a
dance if they just got broken up with and they're wicked sad
about it?

cuz yea. i like this guy and i liked him b4 he had a gf
and we're friends and everything but i dont know if he
would go to it with me because hes so broken hearted.
he told me that he hasnt eaten seice wednesday. it made
me worry. and whenever hes sad i'm sad. i dont even know

and i saw his ex walking in the hall way and she looked at him
and made this really mean face (i dont know her. i've only seen
them together which is how i know who she is.) and i seriously
wanted to punch her in the face. i've never wanted to hit some1
that i dont even know. but here is my explaination in the form
of a quote.
"He's my friend. Break his heart and i'll break your face!"
lol i love quotes

sorry to babble. can u give me some input on the question.


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GGGGYYYYYAAAAAHHHH!!! who said that?? who said that?? I forgot... was it Roger to Angel?... or.... Ellie to Dylan?.... TELL ME TELL ME!!
That'll drive me nuts 'til you tell me.
okay, I just googled it, and I don't think I've ever seen that, but it's so totally similiar to other things I've heard.

It depends. Are you asking him to go as just a friend or not? Does he KNOW if your asking him to go as your date or friend?
I just know eventually he'll realize just what a shitty person his ex is - mebbe it's just 'cause I believe that you really can only tell how a person is when they're at their bitchiest.