Lesbian stole my wife: Dominee

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dominee from Marble Hall, Mpumalanga, is claiming R200,000 in damages from a financial consultant in the town, alleging she was the cause of his marriage break-up, an online newspaper reported.

The consultant, who is a widow, is in return claiming R575,000 from the dominee, stating he is spreading "malicious rumours" that she is a lesbian.

Matthys Gerhardus Muller said in papers before the Pretoria High Court he was married to Rykie Aletta Muller. She left him last year and instituted divorce proceedings against him.

Muller claimed the widow, Ria Nel, encouraged his wife to leave him. He said Nel "physically and financially" backed his wife and helped her to find alternative accommodation.

The dominee claimed R200,000 from Nel for the loss of his wife's affections, which he claimed was Nel's fault.

Nel denied she was the reason the dominee's wife left him. She also denied she assisted Rykie when she left her husband. She asked the court to reject the dominee's claim.

Nel said the dominee should pay her R575,000 in damages.

In her counter-claim she said Muller had since June 1 2004, told various people that she and his wife had had a lesbian affair.

Nel said these statements were defamatory and were made with the purpose of injuring her good name and reputation. People to whom the dominee made these claims would come to the conclusion that she was a person of "loose morals" and was lecherous.

Nel said her good name had been tainted and she had experienced a loss of income as a result.

She is claiming R75,000 for the alleged injury to her good name, R350,000 for loss of income and another R150,000 for future loss of income.

Muller earlier said Nel's claim was vague and did not state exactly what he had said. His objection was also based on the fact that it was not per se defamatory to suggest a person was a lesbian.

This exception application was due to be heard on Tuesday, but Muller had in the meantime withdrawn his objection and the matter was removed from the roll by Judge Aubrey Ledwaba.

No date has yet been set for the main application to be heard.


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