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Christmas vacation was good for me.
It started with my friend staying over,
Which is in detail in my last entry, and climaxed (perhaps anticlimaxed) with me staying at a persons house who I shall refer to as “farm boy.


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Hmm...if you guys don't talk

Hmm...if you guys don't talk about sex, he's prob gay....

stop denying yourself, get out there, be more outgoing, and go for it! You need some one to experience with? then do it! As time goes by, the boundary between homo and hetro will be more and more blurred!

and about that freshman, people are always quite different online and in real life, so thats understandable I guess.. but the whole popularity thing... it should go away in time! (with graduation etc)

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Agreeing with tolberone here. Not talking about sex, not mentioning previous encounter - he's either gay and scared of bring it ut, or fiercely straight but doesn't want to offend you. probably the former

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"