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Just came back from my grandparents. Buses make me feel dizzy and tired.
Planes aren't any better, because I am also allegic to their air fresheners
and deodorizers. I guess I am gonna be munching on anti-histamine for my
snack just to close my eyes.

On saturday It would be first time I travel in four years. Lastnight
after dinner at Aunt Jane's, I was really restless about the trip.
I won't be back until the 24. There will be no time get over jetlagged
or allergies when I come back.

My dad promise me he will get me laptop, as soon as I arrived so I can work
on my course work. I think about us, Kenny and myself. I wonder whether our
relationship would survive those two weeks. I used to travelled between,
Scotland and Thailand every year, until I decided to tell my parents that
I had enough of it. It would be firsttime that I would be away from
a partner - a boyfriend.

I can either let anxiety sink in, so I can feel the pains properly and cry
over it. I am gonna be outside my comfort zones, Glasgow, my apartment, with
Kenny and college.