* ( ( ( My little Tet-A-Tet With My Teacher ) ) ) *

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Well on other news sorry for the long entry. My teacher that i talked about in another entry Lisa well i logged on at school and she was in the room with the computer i was on. I showed her the journal of this girl that had written something dealing with me on here. I felt so scared while she sat there and read it but it was fine. I talked to her it was funny cause the girl talks about me and another girl and she just mixed it up at first. We laughed about it. Then walking out she said that i scared her a little. Then at the end of the day when there was like 4 minutes before we had to leave i asked why she said.

Well there wasn't enough time to get a detailed statement out of her so i will ask her tomorrow. I just mean tell her somethings about my past with the internet and how this all isn't new. Cause she has a 13 year old son and walking out she said if i could be talking to someone then that means that her son could be talking to anyone and things. Which i didn't mean for her to think this or get worried only cause i care about her. Well also i am trying to teach her how to use a computer this year cause she is so computer iliterate. She said i can start teaching her soon. Well that was it and thanks for reading if you did.