My moderately exciting life

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Okay, so it's definately been a while since i've done an actual journal entry (I usually post poetry. I guess that's one way for me to get my feelings out.), so I figured I'd do one.

For those who don't know, I'm currently at a therapuedic boarding school (Think of it as a military school without the milatary and less restrictive.) I got to go home for Christmas. It was my second home visit, and my agreements (A.K.A. rules) were pretty chill. I was able to go out on my own and see my friends. My nice got baptized, and I stood in front of the congregation as both her uncle and her godfather. It was pretty awkward for me, a kid who doesn't believe in god and who has abandoned his Christian faith, to stand in front of over a hundered people and say, "I will, with god's help." But I was fine doing it for my sister. Besides, I'm "The Godfather" now (Ohhhh...). I also saw my girlfriend (And she is lookin' good ;-p) and spent some good quality time with her...

Well, I guess that's everything of consequence.

Lots o' hugs n' lovin',