New Year Resolutions!

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Hey Everybody! Happy New Year to all of you =]

Well, I'm just posting to see what you guys are striving for in 2006, i.e. your goals, resolutions... so on.

As for myself, I really don't know yet (Way to begin the topic eh...). Probably take part in cultural activities more. That's for a start I guess.

What about you?

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As posted on countless other forums...

* Keep Producing Music
* Work Harder for my AS Levels
* Go to bed earlier It wasn't me...
* Be as lovely to my boyfriend as he is to me x)

Plus an additional one:

* Get rid of all traces of OCD from my life

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Five (or so) easy steps to self-actualization!

1. Keep up the good fucking work! '05 was damn good to me, I'm in a relationship that fulfills me, a job that...well, it sustains me, anyway, which leads nicely into: making progress on the debt that oppresses me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that light's called "getting back to college and not losing my shit and blowing it all up my nose this time." Maybe even by this fall, if the money situation keeps up. Moving to the city has so far been the best decision I've ever made, none of the above would have been remotely possible if I hadn't swallowed my fear and made that leap. So I resolve to make 2006 even better! More single-minded drive for revenge! More unholy mirth! More swagger! More and more!

2. Get back to the writing. I haven't really written, other than a few half-assed poems (most of which you can see here on Oasis if you're interested), in...quite some time. And that hurts my soul, I've always identified myself primarily as a writer. As in, it's not just a thing I do, it's who I am, and somewhere back there, I lost it. In that spirit...
2a. Post on Oasis every other day, at least. Not just a reply to a forum thread, but really sit down and journal. Gotta start somewhere.
2b. I don't know what 2b is yet. I'll be happy if I can stick with 2a for a while, I think if I can do that, the next step will come.

3. There is no 3. Quality over quantity here, people. If I can keep those two, that's huge. Keep it real, keep it realistic. And make it happen.
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1. Skate more (my skating goa

1. Skate more (my skating goals are to learn to stop really well and learn to do crossovers)
2. Write more letters
3. Save more money (and start a savings account with ING Direct)


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just live my life. not to str

just live my life. not to stress over things as much.... flirt more, be relaxed.

people say love is blind, then isnt it blind for gender as well?

id walk through hell in a gasoline suite to keep playing softball.

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my resolutions

1) try to stay sane
2) Get back in shape and gain back the muscle in my leg( broke tob/fib/ ankle in july)
3) Get my falling grades back up
4) go to a new, local therapist
5) Save my money, get a job, buy a freeride ht and get a toyota pickup to go wheelin'
6) hang out w/ friends more
7) Try to get out of depression w/o pills and just enjoy life

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I never follow them anyways.....

Just to accept who i am more..........

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to tell the girl i like that

to tell the girl i like that i am seriously in love with her, not just that i have a crush on her. she already knows that. also to be able to do the splits right, left, and center. that's been my resolution for about three years and i've never followed through with it.

"I never mind love, it's a gift from above, though not everyone remembers that." -Motormouth Maybelle

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mine's simple: be happier! du

mine's simple: be happier! dude, its working which is amazing i havent been sad yet even thought its only been 3 days seince 06 rolled around but hey w.e

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My resolutions are

lose 15 pounds
come out to someone

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simple: just finding myself a

simple: just finding myself a brandnew boyfriend, try to stop globalisation and keep smiling