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I got the piercing.
Yesterday was eventful, to say the least. Right after school, I took the bus downtown, my back pack filled with bad movies I had gotten for Christmas, and returned them all, in exchange for movies with, usually, a hot guy as the main character. Yes, I'm a horny little fucker, and I'm not afraid to admit it...
After my dvd-orgy, I had about an hour to kill before the appointment at the piercer's, and I was beginning to feel nervous. I ended up going to the library and borrowed a ton of cd's, all electronica. Thirty minutes remaining, and moi walked out. The piercing parlor was located on the other side of town, and I was going to meet my mom close by. Fast forward---->

There I lay, flat out on the soft bench, bare down to my belt. The man, Carlos, had tattoos covering both arms, and his face was filled with various rings and metal jewelry. I think the sight scared my mom a bit; she fears that once I get my first peircing, I'm gonna want another, and so on. But Carlos' appearance was deceiving. He was the nicest guy I've met in ages. Anyways, there I was with my torso exposed, and Carlos had just finished making the markings on my nipple. All the sterilized equipment lay orderly on a table right by the bench. Before I knew it, he had seized my nipple with a cold, metal thingy. He squeezed firmly. Thankfully, he was playing some especially calming music. There was a starmap glued onto ceiling. So, I picked a star, took a deep breath, and waited for it to be over.
To be honest, I dont understand what I had been so worried about. I barely felt it. And when I opened my eyes again, the piercing was in place. He took a tissue and whiped off a single drop of blood, before I got to peer into the mirror next to the bench. It looked perfect.



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so u just got one nipple peri

so u just got one nipple periced? not both?

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I did just the one :)


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Of course he did

One nipple piercing is hot. Two piercings just looks... gross.

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Just reading that makes my stomach turn. I cannot stand piercings. Earrings are not so gross, but nipples and belly buttons and god knows what else makes me feel sick. I'm quite happy being non-magnetic.

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No one made you read ;)


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LOL, glad it went so well! Yo

LOL, glad it went so well! You're mom must be pretty cool to let you get a piercing like that, even if you do describe her as a troll;). If I told my mom about my fantasy about getting a tatoo on my shoulder she would totally freak out...maybe I should tell her just for that, though*snrk*.


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Oh trust me..

she's a troll. O.o
It wasnt easy to persuade her. I was at war with her for two weeks....

If you want your mom to let you have the tattoo ( perhaps you could get a temporary one?), you just have to show her that you're serious, and that you feel very strongly about it. Worked for me, and my mom is a commited anti-body-art activist.


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Glad it went well. I'm probab

Glad it went well. I'm probably too "scared" to get a piercing. Everytime I see one on someone else, I always thought something would accidentally catch it... and tear the piearcing off. Urgh.. Ouch. I'm sorry if that's not a very nice thought to say. =(