Palestine, a list, and other crap

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Fancy voting a terrorist group as your political leader. I mean seriously, I cannot muster the energy to feel sympathy towards the Palestinian people who are soon going to enter really tough times. Hamas is unlikely to renounce violence, and then the US and EU will undoubtedly halt aid to a country that desperately needs it.

If I had to compile a list of the 10 most stupidest fucking things ever done, I would put 'The Palestinian people voting for Hamas' as one of them. Right up there with 'George and Barbara Bush having sex'.


Went out Friday to celebrate friend's 18th birthday, had a really good time, it's nice to go out on a Friday rather than work. Spent Saturday recovering and on Saturday night watched Schindler's List - I cried. I've never watched it the whole way through before. I don't think a more upsetting film exists. For those in doubt, it is every bit as good as the critics say. Most of it is just so painful to watch though.

There was also an extra feature called 'Voices From The List' that comprised of narration/interviews with real life survivors that were characters portrayed in the film. That was particularly touching. The only bad thing about the featurette was Spielberg feeling the need to make an opening and closing statement about how the film changed his life and some more American-speech bullshit I really wasn't interested in hearing.

I'm also besotted with someone that will never love me in the same way, but seeing as half the journals here relate to that scenario in one way or another, I shant go anymore into it today :)


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I know. Embarrasing isn't it? Terrorists as actual leaders. Still Israel won't help matters - their terrorist leaders are just a little more conspicouous and westernized

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There are many factors that h

There are many factors that help to rationalize why the majority of the Palestinian people voted for Hamas. A major factor was the corruption of the Fatah party. I believe they took money from fellow Palestinians and Israelis to use for their own whim and also they received massive amounts of money from the US to help strengthen the Fatah movement but that ended up hindering Fatah's success and helping Hamas.

Not all Palestinian people voted for Hamas so it's a shame that you lose faith in all for the actions of some.

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I'm sorry, but I don't believ

I'm sorry, but I don't believe that anything can rationalise terrorism. If Osama Bin Laden provided me with a new house and good welfare I still wouldn't be voting for Al-Qaeda to lead my country. Why? Due to the thousands of innocent deaths caused by their terrorism. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were very good for the Germans - that doesn't rationalise what the Holocaust did to the Jews.

I don't see why Hamas, who provide schools and hospitals, should be excused from their actions as a terrorist group. They blow innocent people up. The Labour government or the Bush Administration could be considered corrupt, but faced with the option of those three, I would vote Bush/Blair over Hamas any day.

I do sympathise with Fatah voters though. Trying to make out that I'm hating on the few ("some") because of the actions of the many however, is wrong. Obviously, it was the many that voted for Hamas, otherwise they wouldn't be in power.

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Labour and Republicans

The Labour and Republican governments have killed helped to "blow innocent people up" - it's called Iraq. The Israeli government has positively reveled in blowing Palestinians up.
And adbak wasn't supporting hamas - simply identifying the reasons as to why they came into power. The Palestinian people didn't vote for them because they were terrorists, but because they "provide hospitals and schools"
However I agree with you that Hamas are assholes, and shouldn't be in power. But threats from the West isn't going to help anything

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"