Peak-A-Boo Phone

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If you were a cell phone where would you hide?

Most recently my friends have not had the ability to
keep track of their cells. Sam and Adam. What can I
tell you? Just can't keep their phones within walking
distance from their bodies.

Last week Sam was on her way to my house, talking to me
on her cell, up until she was just down the street. Within
less than half a mile from my house she lost it. She did
not get out of her car at my house. And the only thing she
did was throw away a garbage bag when we got to WalMart.

After WalMart we went to another friends house and that's
when we realized she didn't have it anymore. Our minds went
back to the garbage bag in the WalMart trash can. Yours truely
went and did what a good friend should do (atleast I keep
telling myself that) and I dug through that can. Nope.

I went to the pay phone and gave it a ring. I was 99.99% sure
that I had the correct number, but I have issues with phone
numbers. This dude answered. I asked for Sam. He said, "No."
And I hung up, believing I had the wrong number. BUT NO! I
sure didn't. Turns out this guy who we know from boarding
picked it up in the parking lot while we were inside. The kid
could have just told me that it wasn't his phone and he didn't
know who's it was. Oh well.

We even went to the PD and reported it missing/stolen. 5 days
later Sam ended up getting it back. My friends I tell you. They
are so absent minded.

Now as for Adam. He left this afternoon. (12:45 he was out of
my hair, face, business, etc) At about 4, he called. From a pay
phone. "Have you seen my phone by any chance?" He doesn't know
what he did with it. He wasn't able to check is checked bag at
the airport because it was busy and he didn't want to clean
out the entire bag right there. It's not in my house, so I can't
help him out there.

I don't know what it is with those friends of mine. They seem
to missplace everything. Oh well. We all have our flaws. If
I were in their shoes, and didn't hate cell phones so much, I
would probably be in their shoes at least twice a week. I'd
loose that phone everyday probably. And yet they keep making
things like cell phones and mp3 players smaller and smaller.

Anywho...just keeping things random as always. Have yourself
a great day. I want to go boarding. :(


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I loose my phone evryday of m

I loose my phone evryday of my life, i always put it in my back pocket and when I go for it it's nevr there. Im suppose to go boarding on Saturday hopefully we'll have snow by then. I hate rain.