'Rainbow Republic'

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What do all of you think about this?

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thats awesome. i want to be a citizen!

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re rainbow republic

First off, I think it's crazy that they would go to that extreme over gay rights. I know that there aren't as many civil liberties over there as there are in the U.S. but that still seems a little extreme. I also think it's cool, however, why does the county's flag have to be the rainbow. I don't think that a colored flag necessarily has to represent gays, bi's and lesbians. It sounds like they are founding a gocernment on the input and opinions of only a few people in gay society. I know that some people are flag-waving protesters who are full of gay pride, but founding a government based on stuff like that again seems a little extreme. BTW it's been a long time since you posted, where have you been?

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Wow, I'm in Taiwan right now

Wow, I'm in Taiwan right now and I didn't even know about this. Uhh, I wonder when this whole thing is happening. I'm just surprised.

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I don't know about this

It sounds kind of like the first step to founding a homosexist country, which, while it might be fun to live in for queers, does not promote queer rights in broader society and the world. Closing ourselves off from other people does nothing to further our acceptance. We need to stay in our own states to fight the battles for gay rights and acceptance.

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thats scary!

I won't even start on the problems there are in sustaining a homosexually populated country, but surely this is a step backwards. I thought progress was made through understanding, not devision.
Anyway, each to their own. I wonder how the government will run, and what kind of health service, and social service, and police, and fire dept. they will have.
Basically I think its silly. I'm fighting for gay rights, but I would never want a gay country.

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A republic...

Within a republic.

How very odd o.o

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That's really cool. I wonder

That's really cool. I wonder what their policy on straight marriages is.