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Harlo everybody again, uh well... still two to three more weeks before returning to NZ. My dad got a pool table and we've been playing recently. I'm getting a lot better except I still can't seem to position the "stick" properly.

Lol, also Arthur, Kevin and I were like playing a prank on this girl called Amy Yao. Apparently, we invited her to a conversation and I pretended to be Arthur's girlfriend. It got rather stupid as my acting skills are really poor. Then after she left the conversation I started to creep her out kinda by asking her all these "personal" questions. It was funny. xD

So plans for this week and next week is this. Tomorrow we gona go see the blossum trees and stuff. On Monday mum is gona come again to see us. Tuesday and Wednesday will be going to the top of Taiwan to stay at Gillian's house with my sister. Then on Thursaday dad will probably take us back to gramp's place. And on Friday I'm probably going to see this scary with Julie.

Julie and I were going to see Memoirs of a Geisha on Monday, except their parents wanted her to see it with her TODAY. So we decided to see this other movie. However, her parents won't let her go out on Monday so we decided to go on Friday.

Apparently when we decided to go and watch a movie, it was quite "wierd". I told her about Memoir of a Geisha being a great book and told her the movie will probably be awesome too. Then after all that I think she expected me to pop out a line and ask her out. But I didn't have that intention at all. So after about 1 minute of silence, she asked me out INSTEAD. She finds it very awkward. I mean, she told me this was the first time she went out with a guy her age on her own (I asked her if she seduced old people and young kids xD). I hope she doesn't think I have "feelings" for her or anything.

That's it basically. G2g, my brother wants the internet now. xD


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Max, I just read your previou

Max, I just read your previous posts, and I had no idea about the incident at the restaurant and how much you went through!! But you always become positive again after the downfalls... I'm very proud of you!

Also your writing is so so intruiging, wish I had your writtin style... and you are so young! I can see a bright young man, with a great future! Keep it up Max! I'm behind your back!

O and I finally arrived in the States, so if you could give me Lowell's home address so I can send off that letter? I'll make it look normal ;p (if Lowell can receive mails from strangers? would his parents be nosy and read it??) anyway email me!


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Sound like

It does sound like she might be thinking that you're maybe taking her on a date, but isn't really sure. Maybe you should tell her. What was the movie like?

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