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#My eyes glistened in the sun, as my eyelids
and I peered ahead with a deep,
penetrating gaze. The sight
filled my body with a -foreign-
warmth and a sort of volatile hunger,
both of which I had yet to explore,
despite having felt them in the past.

It took me a second to get myself together,
and look
another way;
but in that second, that short moment where all limitations ceased to exist,
I felt him;
his presence,
his lust and playfulness, waiting for some one like me to touch him,
his succulent skin and
luscious lips.

I faked a cough as my long and intense stare was beginning to draw attention, although he himself had made no notice of me admiring him.
Or maybe he just didn’t care.

-I rubbed my eyes, and stole one last look through my fingers.