sore legs, tired eyes, and beautiful girls...oh my

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god, i hate gym. i'm fairly athletic, but i still hate it. i need to lose weight. i know i do, i just hate being sore. i'm not fat or anything, just a little overweight. blegh. that and my face gets as red as a cherry whenever i exert myself. thank god i don't have it until next wednesday. YAAAAY! only good thing about that class is this one girl in the tenth grade class. (tenth grade has gym same time as we do.) my god, she's a work of art. volleyball player and more than likely a softball player. just, perfect abs, perfect arms and legs, perfect face. long dark blonde hair. mmmmmm.... that's about the only thing i like about gym.

i HATE my sub. math teacher. the woman is evil and she hates us all. i swear it's apower trip for her, being a black lady in a room where 99.9% of the students are white. i'm not kidding. there's one black girl in the class. i'm not racist or anything, i honestly don't give a crap, but the teacher is, i swear to god. she just delights in toturing us. we don't even learn anything in that class. she called the principal up to the classroom up there on time and outright lied to her. then today, the principal, the vice-superintendent of the school came up to "check" on us. jesus. i'd get her removed, but it's less than ten days so it'd really just be a waste of time. and that's been my life. thank you for your support.


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mmm... volleyball players

A lot of guys go to the volleyball games to watch the girls. I went once, because my friend was playing, but I remembered my volleyball friends' comments about the perverted guys that go to watch the games, and I immediately got self-conscious. And volleyball-girl conscious. They were all so pretty, and I was certain that the volleyball girls that had been so sarcastic would read my thoughts and crack down on me next... Well, not really, but I was feeling vulnerable already because I did volleyball freshman year and was so horrible I wasn't allowed to play... All those gorgeous girls jumping around with bare arms and legs was just a bit much.

Right. Ending random story now, and actually tying back to your post. Yes, volleyball players are gorgeous, and yes, I completely hate gym too.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser