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Well i was chatting to this girl i met in a chatroom yesterday and i saw her in the same chatroom today so i imed her and we started talking asking each other questions learning about each other and all. She's mixed too so that made me happy and bi and black so it's like this knockout combonitation all together. We basically like the same things think the same. We learned more about each other just asking question's like Pepsi or Coke Pizza or Chicken Brandy or Monica. Yadda Yadda Yadda you get my drift turns out each time we were very similar it was funny. Then she asked me my sign i'm a Taurus and she's a Scorpio i went to this site of sexual and romance compatibility between signs and ours was like a good match. What it said was nice. I really got on with her good but sadly she lives in Michigan and me in Jersey but she said if she didn't she would definatly look me up. I just was sad only cause it was the best non-sex chat i ever had with a girl that i could connect and she lives in another state.

But i am still gonna talk to her even though cause i have experienced with another girl that i can't run everytime the shit hit's the fan. Anyway when we were she was like i have to meet you cause she said that i was cool and since we got on so well and how just the connection. Well I love the way this girl talks she's black and a lil mexican as she told me she talks straight ghetto and i love it. It's just that i being half black like that thuggish type of black guy and black guys in general. But the thing that is great is that she is a girl yet so just like that but sweet funny and everything that's why i was down about it cause that is kinda what attracts me and i find it in a girl so far away. It's just that every girl i know that is like that is white and it just seems fake even though i understand it's just their enviroment and growth and individuality.