Taken aback

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I'm really perplexed right now.

In previous journals I mentioned the guy I came out to some time ago. He didn't take it well at all, and we sorta lost touch after that whole thing. It really hurt me, because he was one of my best friends (thats y i told him), and we had known eachother for many years.

Anyways, that incident made me very depressed and upset. I didn't want to lose more friends, just because I cant keep my big mouth shut.

Then today, my cellphone rang. It was him. We talked for a long while, and we made up. I was taken aback, but it was a good thing. Can't remember the last time we had a chance to talk like that. He had some questions though. Mostly normal misconceptions about gays, but I explained most of it, and he seemed to understand. I am so happy. We are getting together next week, when he gets to town.



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Thats wonderful! Good to hear

Thats wonderful! Good to hear!

PS: Thanks for backing me up Dim, appreciate it!

The Incredible Barralai!

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you're so luckyyyyyyy.... my

you're so luckyyyyyyy.... my BFF hasn't wrote back in foreveeeeerrrr and i can't help but wonder if it's finally soaked in yet...
or if she's mad at me now because i don't see how she can be friends w/people who's main goal when it comes to me is to make me miserable... ohhhh, she sucks ass right now.
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thats really good, hopefully

thats really good, hopefully this will show people sometimes it just takes time. as for losing friends because you cant keep your mouth shut - dim, you are an intellegent guy! you know the reason you would be losing them is that they are people who cant deal with anything different from themselves, NOT because you want to share your true feelings.

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That really is good to here. There is nothing better that when someone realises how homophobic and twattish they've been and comes around

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