The advice of you.

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I must admit that I am kinda at a loss here.
I always hope and maybe even expect (how terrible
is that) people to read my posts and entries.
I know that I cannot expect this. I guess I have
human faults. Anyways I consider this something
of a questionnaire.

I love it when anyone posts a comment about
anything that I've written. I truely love that
and thank everyone whose done so or even just
read any or all of my entries.

The question part is here. Seeing as how I
have written a considerable amount, but yeilded
few responses I was wondering if anyone
just reads my entries? Be it regularly or whenever
they sound interesting or whatever. I'm just

See I love to write here, its so awsome to be
able to write as myself, like I'm the expression
that I always want to carrie around. So that
real people can see the real me, even if
its just pixelations on a plasma monitor or
TV screen of some sort. It's such a pleasure.
It's a treasure that the people I wish I knew
here can't know, cause I'm just not ready yet.

Though I wonder if my form of expression on this
site is what I hope it can live up to, someday,
or now. I want so badly to be able to communicate
with everyone here. I just don't know if I'm doing

So I was just hoping that I could get some of ya's
to read this and make a small reply, nothing special
just let me know how I'm fairing here. Wheather I
stand up to the prerequisites of survival in a
place that seems to strive on ones ability to be
"interesting" or "have appeal."

I really hope that I'm not alone in my publishings.

Oh yeah, I want to thank everyone who does read,
reading truely counts, I just don't know who you
are without your responses.

Thanx ;)


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i read

i read your entry. I usually read every new entry, but i dont usually leave comments. just so you know lol..

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Its the little things that make the big things.

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Here I am, reading... you're not alone. Whatever you say, there's someone who will want to listen. Keep writing. Keep speaking.

"No-one is alone..." -Into the Woods