this is me, nice to meet you :)

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Well, I'm hope. I live in a small town, and I go to a small school. I'm 13 and I'm a lesbian(I haven't quite gotten used to saying that yet lol) but i haven't come oout to anyone yet, right now just knowing is enough. I knew because I developed a crush on my friend Hannah(who may or may not be gay/bi). After some soul searching, my life up until now finaly made sence, and I realised that I'm not bi, I'm a full fledged lesbo! I have one sister(28) who is bipolar and manic depresive. She has a good medication though, and doesn't have mod swings that often anymore, but she still has a realy hard time handaling stress, so she's going away to a home on Wednesday and I've been helping her move her stuff to store in our basement for the past few days . It sucks cus for the first month she can't leave, I can't visit, and I can't talk to her. I'm ethnicaly jewish, I was raised wican, and I am agnostic. I am a complete nerd and am proud of it, besides, nerds are sexy. ;) I have a lot of good friends, but all of them are sreight, and I think at least some of them(if not all) would regect me if I came out to them. I don't know any gay kids, and there are no groups I could join, so you, my fellow oasians are the only support that I have. God I wish I had gaydar, that would be realy useful.


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Welcome :)

I hope Oasis is as useful to you as it has been for me. As far as I know, my friends are basically all straight, too. Which is annoying sometimes, but at least they're accepting.

Your religious background is uberly cool. I was raised Unitarian Universalist, so my background is pretty liberal, but not with any religious tradition or anything. I'm spiritual, but I don't really believe in a God. I guess I'm more transcendentalist than anything else.

Stopping rambling about myself now... Welcome to Oasis and I hope you have fun here!

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heya and welcome to oasis! im

heya and welcome to oasis! im rowie, catch u around!

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

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Hey hope nice to meet you my name is Alexis call me Lex or Lexis like people i know your choice. If you ever wanna talk hit me up with a message. All my friends are straight too and don't wanna hear about anything homosexual so i keep shut.

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Welcome:). I'm Sam, pleased t

Welcome:). I'm Sam, pleased to make your aquaintance *bows*. I think you'll find this place useful, it's really helped me a lot. And I hope your sister starts feeling better soon! My grandfather's bipolar and I know how hard it can be*hugs*


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welcome eh, wha


eh, what're ya gonna do...