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I am getting really tired right now. I sorta finished first question for database homework. I spent the past hour listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR. I got really worked up not talking to my boyfriend. I got lots of works to, but I do want to spend time with my friends especially Kenny.

Yesterday I ran into an old friend on Byres Road, we were close really close. We spent a lot of time together, one thing lead to another I slept with him. We both freaked out. Toward the end of the exam periods, we were both emotionally unavailable for one another. Although we weren't interested in each other romantically, it was truely our very first experiences with another boy. I spent that summer in Glasgow and he packed up and headed home in Saint Andrew's. That was the time I ever saw, we talked several time on the phone. I had been cautious all these times. There were way I could've told that we had no hard feeling. Well distance had helped, we joked about it yesterday over dinner.

Marc and I ment to go out to boys' nightout at the Tunnel's, but he decided to stay. I am hoping that Kenny will page or call me tomorrow. Guess what it can't be that bad or event tragedy, if I don't get to meet him before I am away. I can spare myself all the dramas and emotions, which is totally unnecessary for spending two away from a boyfriend. I'll have my cellphone with me, I am possible gonna be surrounded by computers. I can just email, page, IM and everything else.

I started biting my nails again. I just can't leave them alone. I think have to coat them with the deterrents when I get home tonight.