To come out or not to come out

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ok well im bisexual im come to turmes with my sexuality....and i want to come out to my dad (i have come out to alot of friends and acouple of family members) I want to come out to me dad but i think he is agenst bi, gay and lesbians... ya well i have tried to get talking to him about recent things about the BGL couminity and he kinda brushes it off and when the was a gay couple oon a tv show he said thats wrong so thats what makes me think what i think soo....I still want to but at the same time dont want to come out to him. but i think he will kick me out. So i am thinking about waiting till i have a job in colloge and have a place to live other than with my dad.


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Yeah, you should wait until y

Yeah, you should wait until you can support yourself in case your dad cuts you off financially and other resoruces.

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that's the same thing I plan

that's the same thing I plan on doing. My dad is somewhat unpredictable as to how he would react to something like that, and with my sister, the supposed 'cyber-slut', making things more diffucult for us all, I think it's best that if I ever do decide to tell my parents, I'd better wait until I'm out of the house and possibly out of college.

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WEll, i really want to come o

WEll, i really want to come out to my parents, but i was afraid of two things, 1)what they would think or say, and 2) how to say it. i was lucky though, because a few weeks ago, we were watchin a tv show with gay people in it. and my sis goes, hey mom, what would u do if i said im gay (my sister CLEARLY isn't). my mom just goes, well i guess ur still my daughter, and, although i know ur not gay, i would still love u, i would just be worried i guess about what the public would think of u. so i was like, hey, thats awesome, shes says outright in front of me what she thinks......... but then, once it accually happens, u never know what they'll say, do ya?