trying not to cry...

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my dad just gave me a speach about how horrible it would be if i grew up to be a lesbian & that he would be so disapointed that i wouldn't give him grandchildren & that he could maybe stand it if i was bi but i'm not bi, i'm a lesbian and before i didn't know how he would react but now i do & he'll hate me & i don't know what 2 do i always thought that it would b ok 'cus my parents r liberal" hav gay friends but i gues it's different when it's ther daughter huh? i can't tell him now i couldn't deal w/ it if he hated me i just hav 2 try not 2 kry


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im sorry. i understand how y

im sorry. i understand how you feel. my mom found out that i was bi and i didnt even tell her, nor was i ready to tell her. she flipped out on me and was disgusted in me. she said that being bi is stupid and disgusting and that people need to decide which sex they prefer. she even said she'd rather have me be gay than bi. so i lied to them and told them it was just a phase. so they dont know that i still am.
-but im sure that your father will understand. just give him some time to understand, your are still his daughter and he will love you no matter what. even though my mom doesnt approve i know when i even decided to tell her, she will still love me and eventually get over it. so dont worry about it.


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well, if your worried... i kn

well, if your worried... i know you still REALLY want your father to love you. and im sure he still will (although i dont know him), just wait until your able to support yourself in life to tell him. wait until your out of high school and have a steady job to tell him. dont tell him when your in the process of doing something you rely on him for (ex. dont tell him when your halfway through college that hes paying for). if you are in or about to be in college, and you tell him, have a backup plan, be ready to support yourself if necessary. but, either way, i think its important to tell him. just be prepared when you tell him. knowledge is your best defence.

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