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Since my last installment my thoughts has always been
about KennyD and the break-up. There had been certains
times of day that I was reminded about the importances
of my friends.

I also began to wonder how I am going to relate to
my ex-boyfriend. My grandpa happened to have
a partial degenerative nerve. Thanksfully the extend of
damage is not gravely danger. I am praying that he
will return home tomorrow.

I think it was better for KennyD to end our relationship.
Our feelings on this matter might have been more than
mutual. I am just a little kid for him. I believe that
he needs someone to after his fragile emotions.
I am praying that there will be a chance in the
future for us to be together.

I just don't want us to feel bitter toward one another.
I love him so much, I can't see myself hurting his feelings
in any way. I can't talk bad about him, although I am
I am feeling bitter and angry.

It would take grandfather sometimes to be able to look
after himself again. I guess when I get back, I would have
to spend more time at home with him and a boyfriend
can only take me away from my family especially

My dad and Kat (his girlfriend - don't you lot
say that word "stepmother" she feels more like a friend)
I am sitting here with Marc on MSN and my little brother's
girlfriend on the couch. Although she's hot, she would
be safe with me anytime of day. My brother just went out
7-Eleven for some pot noodles. I still need to reply to
that break up email from KennyD. I think
I am gonna thanks him for everything and tell him not
to be stranger. Well it sounds easy, but trust me it is difficult.