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ive noticed ive put on weight lately and i always seemway hungrier than i used to be. im 5"7 and 130 lbs and im starting to get a fat stomach. im 17 but i havent started eating worse food or excersizing less so are there any reasons for this? (im definately not pregnant btw)
i want to loose a bit of weight but i dont want to tell my mum because she already tells me im fat a lot - how should i go about it? also, am i overweight im a body mass index?

anyone have any answers?

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I doubt your overweight, beca

I doubt your overweight, because I'm 5'3-5'4 and I weigh 130, and I am not overweight. Or at least I don't consider myself any larger than anyone else 'cept for the scary skinny kids.
Maybe because you're stressing out about your weight?...
The only things I know to do are really simple - if you drink pop, stop and switch to water, and don't chew gum. It makes you feel hungrier than you really are, and water fills you up more. (and pop makes you add on a couple pounds.)
I don't exercise all that much (unless you count the occassional DDR and walking from one class to another) but I don't eat too much junk, and I've stopped drinking pop unless we go out to eat, and I've only gained ten pounds in the last 6 years.
Or maybe it's just a growth spurt?? (I've heard of freakish spurts after you're pretty much done growing)
and last, DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT, and do not compare yourself to people around you.
maybe this is just one of those weeks where you feel fat, bloated, and ugly. Get over it sooner or later, 'cause only the skinny people obsess over their weight.

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I agree with EGLolita

I mean, I'm like 125 and only 5'1", and I'm not overweight for my height. I don't look or feel fat. Though I could get more excercize, eat better, and sleep more, and while some of that might make me lose some weight, I'm not really stressing about it. The main concern for me is that I'm not taking as good care of myself as I should.

Don't worry about your weight. You are by no measure overweight. And don't listen to your mum either, OK?

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some tips from me ;)

i think, you should refrain from eating in fastfoods because most of their foods contain a lot of carbos, A LOT!!! and if you dislike eating veggies and fruits, you should start eating them so that they can eliminate the excess fats through defacation...and try to drink tea after eating, so that you wont feel bloated, and it can help you get rid of the fats too!!! goodluck!

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The Body Mass Index is not a measure you should use when you are a teen. It is meant for adults, since at your age your body is still changing and it wouldn't be accurate.

As you get older, your metabolism slows down. Although, again, at your age it shouldn't be anything noticeable yet.

Just avoid refined products and switch to whole grains (whole wheat pasta instead of white flour pasta, brown rice instead of white, whole grain cereals instead of refined stuff, etc.). And just watch sugar and fat intake, they hide those on nutrition labels really well by putting four different kinds of sugars and stuff in, so that they don't have to list the first ingredient in a product as being sugar (since they are listed by volume).

And, of course, exercise more. If you can walk somewhere instead of drive, or ride a bike, do it. I definitely think it is easier to lose it now, when it is a small amount, rather than waiting until you have a lot to lose.

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they have BMIs deseined for t

they have BMIs deseined for teens. I wish I could find the link for it...

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Losing Weight

Well I think it's very normal to go up and down in weight as teenagers. I don't think you are over weight for your height but if you want to loose weight don't loose too much. When I want to loose weight I cut down on sugar and carbs and start jogging or running more often. Try sit ups or crunches for your stomach, oh and running if you didn't know does wonders for your thighs and ass.

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^ that one is made for teens.
however, bmi only gives you a glimpse at what's healthy for you. To really go into that,you'd need a skin fold test done...and it's not worth it.
Only lose weight if you think you would be healthier at a lower weight. Lose it the right way, and you'll benefit. Check out
even if you're not from the u.s.a. that might help. To lose weight take in less calories then you burn off. If it says you need 2000 calories, take in 1900 possibly. You seem to be at a healthy weight though.

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I don't think you are probably over weight. I'm 5'7" and weigh 120 lbs, and I’m really skinny. But I know that feeling like you are starting to get just a little flub around your stomach, I’m have the same feeling, but I wouldn’t worry about it. If you really want to cut the extra weight I would do like crunchers or sit ups and run. Not only will you lose a little weight it’ll make you feel better over all too, relives stress. Also the whole cutting pop or switching to diet can cut a fair number of pounds. That’s as far as I would take it though. Maybe I should start running? I could go for a better ass.

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Another thing you can do is g

Another thing you can do is get a punching bag. Not only does it relive stress and anger, but its a great workout.

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you're definately not over weight...i am...i'm 5'3 1/4'' and...176...>.>;
you're definately definately not...

well...i've joined my schools cross country team but...
you can add stuff an take stuff from your everyday life?
sorry i'm not much help ><'

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don't worry too much about

don't worry too much about your weight. just, try to eat healthy and exercise. if you do both, your weight is secondary.

bmi is a poor way to figure out whether or not you're "overweight". i have friends who technically have a really high bmi, but it's because they're athletes. and who have a really low bmi, but they're just naturally skinny.

try not to use your weight as a measure of your health.

and one last thing--if you are always hungry, first of all, drink water instead of eating. also, try to eat more, smaller meals. your stomach will shrink and you won't feel as hungry all the time.
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You're not even a full inch

You're not even a full inch shorter than me and just 5 pound more than me, so you're not overweight by a long shot. I have a genetic predisposition from my dad's side of the family to have a slightly protruding stomach (aka a predisposition to a beer belly...one more reason to avoid beer! haha) when there is absolutely anything in it b/c my back curves inward in the same place and all the organs have to go somewhere...:) And yet it's not me being fat, although I thought it was for a while.

If you seem hungrier...everyone goes through phases of being more or less hungry, or it's possible you're just confusing when you're hungry and thirsty (god knows I do that sometimes), so especially in summer it's a good idea to drink water first and ask questions later, and that's a matter of bodily health, not appearance.

But more important than that, FIE on your mother for telling you you're fat! Based on everything you've said, you're not in bad shape at all and you just have people giving you the wrong ideas.


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haha i just realized this

haha i just realized this was posted in '06 not '09! wow me...
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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Try Meat Alternatives. Many

Try Meat Alternatives. Many vegetarians have weight loss challenges because they’re eating too much of a good thing. Choosing the right meat alternatives can help. When grocery shopping, select low-fat cow's milk, soy milk or almond milk. Also, use cheese in moderation. When using eggs in recipes, use egg whites, instead of whole eggs. Or, you can replace eggs altogether with ¼ cup of soft tofu (blend until smooth).