What a Time Almost Well Spent :-/

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(I broke the post up this time so it may be easier for you to read.)

Well i don't think you wanna read this but go ahead it is just a little boring stuff and i felt like wanting to write a journal so here it is senseless nonesense. Well i was up till 6:30 am cause i couldn't sleep i have insominia. I love staying up late but it messes with my school or family schedule. Well today i got at 11:01 am to get ready for school but then like after i spent three hours getting ready did my hair put on my new outfit that i got for christmas. all to find at 1:40 that i didn't have school today. I go back tomorrow which thouroughly pissed me off only because i go through a routine every morning and it was for nothing.

Well it was fine i got a good cup of coffee out of it i love coffee. I was only upset cause i bought this new travel mug we got a new coffee machine and i was going to be the first one to use it before school. But oh well. Now i am just sitting here reading Slash of Once and Again and listening to a cd i burned last night around. Especially for tomorrow cause my mp3 isn't working gotta get it replaced. Well it's an r&b cd but i am currently making a cd for when i get down in school i have my sad songs. Then a country one Yeehaw. I love country right now i am listening Jadakiss & Mariah Carey ~ Kiss.

It goes like "K-I-S-S Me I Just Wanna Make Love Love Love" great song if you like r&b. Now it's one hell of a famous r&b song by one hella fabulous woman. Khia "MY Neck MY Back Lick My P***Y and My Crack" i know some of you don't like it cause it is way sexual but my whole family and people i know love this song. I am half black so we grew up and this was the song when it came out everyone thought it was mad bad. Not bad as in wrong but bad as in the hottest song out. Well if you know it and like it just leave a little comment i would like to know who else does on here.


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thats a good song, i like it.

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---- Dont attempt to over rul

---- Dont attempt to over rule your heart, its madness to try ----
My neck, my back lick my p**** and my crack. Woot woot !!! lol Jus do it do it do it do it do it now...LOL
love ya gurL!


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I guess I never really regard

I guess I never really regarded the song as anything; good or bad. I have had it stuck in my head a few times, but I don't know if that necessarily makes it a good song. Oh well, R&Bs okay. Not my regular style of music, but I do listen to it.
That sucks about getting all prepared and then the let down. I hate that when that happens. Or you get all ready for a date and it doesn't go good, they don't notice, or they cancel the date.