Why I am coming out at school...

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- I want to be myself!
Already, you're thinking: "I've read this before."
Well you haven’t, so keep on reading.
(Btw, this is about coming out at school, which I am planning on doing in the very immediate future.)

Anyway, where was I. Ah, yes: I want to be myself.
And not lie every time some one asks me what I think of some girl. Or when other guys talk about girls and how hot they are, I don’t want to pretend to be of the same opinion. And although I know that I'll be happier with myself if I just stop caring what everyone else thinks, it feels like maintaining this cover is far simpler than having people at school calling you a faggot every time you walk past them. Somehow, it just seems more painful to be out, and making your friends choose between "hanging out with the gay guy" and keeping their distance. Hiding who you are sure beats watching everyone leave the showers as you walk in. Surely, it has to be less complicated than having to correct people every time they ask if you have a girlfriend, and you have to say: "No, I don’t have a BOYfriend. Yet, that is," and witnessing their eager expression fade away in disappointment.
Some teens even become harassers of other gays, to take any focus and possible suspicion away from themselves. It also lets out any anger they might have for being gay. But it will not make them feel better. And it will not solve anything.

These are just a couple of the reasons glbt teens stay closeted. And I could go on. Because the world is a cruel place, and children are vicious. And people will continue to judge and cause pain with their ignorance and fear for the unknown. Might as well accept it now.

That’s why I’m coming out at school. Because I know what to expect.
Why should one care for the empty thoughts and emotions of strangers? Their cheap remarks, reeking of low self-esteem and personal insecurities; why should they affect me?



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Damn, I'd say I love you, but

Damn, I'd say I love you, but that's just not the case. It'd make more sense to say I totally have nothing but respect for you, and anyone else who's got the guts to come out.
My friend Forrest is just so totally cool with himself, and that's what really spurred me to tell my BFF. If he can go from denying it one month, and the next not give a hoot what anyone says about it, then I can at least tell one person.
I'm always so worried about coming out... There's a difference between us. He's a guy, and people are pretty much not bothered by GUYS coming out, but being a girl here is so much more trouble. The only girl I know who's out here dared to say for a class assignment that her fiancee was the most important thing to her, and this whole uproar started in class which ended with people throwing shite, and her friend Derrek cussing out the whole class and walking out.
And most of the time I really wouldn't care if I told people at school, but they have siblings who know my little sister, and I don't want my family involved. She's already raided my journal's numerous times, and she claims she knows, but I read what she found and it was somewhat cryptic even to me, but...
If she wouldn't find out it was all true and then relentlessly torture me about it (like it's a bad thing? wha?...) I probably would consider coming out more...
And we're moving at the end of the school year out of state, so they'll be with me for at least two more years, and I would never handle trying to find a place in a new school if she'll automatically start spreading rumors about me.
maybe i'm just rambling, but i've needed to say it to somebody...

good luck, i guess. that's all i can think to say...

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Good Luck! I love your outloo

Good Luck! I love your outlook on the whole situation :) I was out at school in teh end of 6th form and it was a whole lot better for me because i felt so comfortable :) Watch out though homophobes are everywhere!

Good luck again!

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*applauds* Those are the best

*applauds* Those are the best reasons to do it, and it sounds like you're prepared:). I hope everything goes well!


I find there's glamour
In being a wallflower
With a stammer
I love what I am
And you won't change me
So take me how I am

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Good luck with everything...

One thing that would also help is whether you think the school administration will support you if there is harassment, rather than take the "boys will be boys" or "he brought this on himself" approach.

Not essential, but it would be a nice plus.

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I'm proud

I'm suddenly mysterously feeling really proud of you. Coming out at school can be great fun. People are dumbasses towards you, you can creep them out by touching them, you have to educate them about homosexuality, and well, al ot of the times their homophobia is funny. It's that pathetic it's almost comical.
Expect some bad things, ride through, and have fun with an acknowledged identity

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Cool new avatar while I think about it as well

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"