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This is the best fucking day I've had in ages! A friend came out to me 2nite, and I am just so thrilled. I always kinda suspected, but I figured he was in denial. So I was afraid that our friendship, which upto now has been a pretty superficial one, might be ruined if I pushed him out of the closet.

So, after three evenings of intensive chatting, I made him spill it. omg, i just cant stop smiling. And he has all these questions and problems with it. The great thing is that I can help him with most of it, after having come here to discuss and work through my own things for so long.

Now I'm gonna go have a drink and celebrate.. *pours another glass of coke*



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thats pretty cool, i have a f

thats pretty cool, i have a friend who has always been very touchy if we tried to suggest he might be gay - but recently he has started to tell me he thinks he is. i wish he'd let me help him though and tell me his questions. i hope you can help him, he told a good person anyway since you seem pretty sorted.

+ if i cant be a good example ill just have to be a horrible warning +

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Wooooooot! A good one. And how has the coming out at school been? And you need something a little stronger than coke to celebrate this

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The coming out has been.. well, it could've been worse. Only a few guys are not talking to me. But so far all thats happened is that there's a rumour that I'm gay, because of my piercing. And my attempt to dress as stereotypically gay as i like hasnt exactly killed this rumour. Anyways, this guy coming out to me has been my first pay off, so I'm still optimistic about it all..


btw... I am sitting with a beer in my hand right now. mom is away on work. but coke is definately the drink for celebrating, without doubt ;)