8/2/06 Short Entry

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So yeah, this is the second day of Year 10. Today I got quite a few of my friend's numbers since I got my first cellphone last holiday.

Neways, I also had my first graphics lesson in my life. It was SO fun. We drew straight lines for the whole period... what a amazing learning experience. -_-;;

Then I had my first science lesson this year... we got a spaztic science teacher this year. Unlike Miss Beard last year who was a strict but nice and understanding teacher... this year we got a teacher that gives out detentions like crazy. (At least she's not as as bad as my jap teacher last year, who always call his students idiots and is extremely biased).

Robert asked me to play Turd Battles... it's this online rpg thing that he's trying to get our little 'group' involved with. Apparently Nixon and Kevin is playing. Mike was going to play but the download crashed his computer and he refused to touch that game ever again. Urgh, I would like to play... except I probably won't have adequate time since I'm going to be rather busy soon.

Oh, there was this new kid called Edward who's also from Taiwan. He's always so shy and quiet in our 'group'. Apparently no one talked to him... so I went up and asked him which class he was in. I realised his english isn't too fluent (probably) so that's why he responds everything I said in mandarin. It's nice getting to know a new person.

And yeah, another thing. You guys know the movie RENT? Well, I wanted to see that ages ago when I knew about it. However, it wasn't showing in NZ ot TW and I can't get hold of it. However, Ting happened to get a copy of the DVD from Hong Kong last holiday and he asked me if I wanted to borrow it. Of course I wanted to, so yeah... I'm surprised he actually knew I wanted to see that movie and got it (for me).

So uh... that's about it. I happened to have lots of homework everyday. Tomorrow would also begin my first maths tutoring lesson and soon my mandarin lesson will commence too. That will also add to my homework load. Shit, then I've got my performace grade piano to practise along with the 4 musical analysation essays to write. Then the whole english website design thing... meh... I hate everything clogged up at the beginning of the term.

On another note, I won't be able to write entries everyday. It is too time-consuming. Unless I write very little (which I might do about my feelings, or thoughts). That's about it.

Cyah peeps. =]


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lol, do you know what short m

lol, do you know what short means???

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^^^ lol Don't stop writing d

^^^ lol
Don't stop writing day to day!
I enjoy reading your entries!

One day we will start to fly and never look back..

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lol... everytime I think I'm

lol... everytime I think I'm gona write shortish... I always end up blaberring crap. Maybe I should say "Not as Long" next time. xD

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No! You can't stop writing your daily entries! I loved those!

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