acceptable nothings.

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running faster, faster towards disater. you can't put my life on rewind, you can't passs the hours slower, but events put on fast forward are screeching closer in my head. i missed my mark, i missed the target, missed everything so i'm floating, floating no destination in this life, in the hourglass that is my desire. desire to leave this all behind. he hopes he made my day. my day is falling into nothing, i see oblivion moving closer and i am not afraid. i am i am i not there, not anywhere but here. chameleon colors for one last run, abandon me delicious. gift of a farther dimension. disappear, disappear. dissolve.


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The pacing and emotion in that was gorgeous. Very stream-of-consciousness. Fabulous.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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thank you. it's the way i wri

thank you. it's the way i write that feels best, most real.

once time is lit, it will burn whether or not you're breathing it in. even after smoke becomes air there is the memory of smoke. -david levithan