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So, Imagine Me and You finally is playing near me. My parents refused to let me go alone (of course, they don't know what movie I'm really seeing).
So, cus I really wanted to see it, I called a friend (an open minded friend).
She's a yaoi fan and I've shown her a few shoujo-ai's (girl x girl).
So, tomorrow's gonna be a bit awkward. I told her what it's about, so it
won't be a surprise or anything. I just don't know what to do if she asks me
anything related to my sexuality. She's asked me before cus I like shoujo-ai.
I denied that it actually meant anything. So, any suggestions for what I
can do tomorrow?

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i want to see that too! is i

i want to see that too! is it rated pg13 or r?

anyway, maybe it would be a good chance to come out to your friend? if not, then just say that it sounded like an interesting movie.

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if shes open minded? tell he

if shes open minded? tell her?

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It's rated R (and reviewed as pretty formula and boring).

Umm, you show her lesbo anime, drag her to queer movies... if you trust her with all that, what's the deal? Just tell her. She's probably already pieced this together anyway by now.

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Yea, I think if she hasn't fi

Yea, I think if she hasn't figured it out by know, you might as well just say it...

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Yeah my bet is that she already has a clue as to your sexual orientation. I think that if she brings it up that you should just admit it to her. If she freaks or something than I think it shows that she's not a true friend. True friends should be willing to accept who you are, no matter what.

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