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I know I sound like a complete sexist moron, but.....I SAW BOOBS AT SCHOOL TODAY AND I WASN'T PEEKING AT ANYTHING!!!! Seriously. It was thing on breats cancer (which I know is about as funny as, well...cancer) but we're ninth graders and it's uncomfortable, so we're laughing. Then this woman puts in this video on BSE (breats self exam or something to that extent) and these really pretty girls are standing in front of a mirror with full frontal nudity!! Sorry, but when your dad is *really* conservative and you're barely allowed to see PG-13 movies, boobs are fascinating. It was sooooo nice.

That and in gym today, the beautiful brunette I was talking about earlier came in today. That was nice. she was in there for about twenty minutes, so she got to see me with my cherry red face. Although I did run up beside her and *very discretely* glance at her for a second.

So yeah, my day was pretty cool.

ALSO, I *might* be getting a girlfriend. So...cross your fingers for me.


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Shouldn't boobs be easy to see if you, like, have them?

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I meant other girls' boobs. S

I meant other girls' boobs. Sorry, should've clarified.

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