Ewww I am still in yesterday clothe

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I went home to see grandpa and father yesterday night. I decided not to come back to Glasgow. I have stacks of T-shirts, but not a single pair of pants in my closet at home. Shirt looks a bit creased but not really dirty. I thought what's heck it's gonna be covered with a sweater anyway. I got back into town at 10 a.m. this morning just a hour before the class. I walked around with my dad before I went into college.

I did nothing except studying and listenning to stuffs on NPR. I am not really tired right now, but I felt really fed up with stuffs. I haven't done anythings for myself apart from going to see Munich last Friday. I am promising myself that I am not gonna spend another weekend dwelling in thoughts. I guess the best thing to do is to lock myself in the library and throw key away. I got really low mark for the database submission - I spent half the allocated time grieving my relationship with Kenny and feeling nervous about grandpa. And that damn lecturer is still brought up the points that I had timing issues. Well I think I should get a note from my therapist to clarify things with the graduate school.

Earlier I talked to Niall about how we both ended up being single again. I told him we are both target audience of Tear Jerker CD's and candy bars. I guess being single isn't that bad, now I can concentrate on studying and independently make the decision about my careers and living arrangement. I am coming back to work at the stack tonight. I possibly have to prebook a taxi around the closing time, so I don't end up walking home in this freezing weather.