finding time

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I recently just got a boyfriend. and i am really trying to find time to fit him in my schedule i know that sounds horrable ... but i teach guitar i go to the gym alot i babysit i go to school in washington DC for christ sakes. i love this guy with all my heart. but im finding trouble to see him. also my parents are divorced so i go out of state alot and i dont know what im going to do over the summer or during breaks... plz give me some feed back...

thanks nicky

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Why don't you take him o the

Why don't you take him o the gym and babysitting iht you

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It's just a matter or priorit

It's just a matter or prioritizing. Which things are most important to you and where does your boyfriend fit in?

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congratz, you have suceeded w

congratz, you have suceeded where i have failed so many times...

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