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I recently just got a boyfriend. and i am really trying to find time to fit him in my schedule i know that sounds horrable ... but i teach guitar i go to the gym alot i babysit i go to school in washington DC for christ sakes. i love this guy with all my heart. but im finding trouble to see him. also my parents are divorced so i go out of state alot and i dont know what im going to do over the summer or during breaks... plz give me some feed back...

thanks nicky

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Take a few nights off babysi

Take a few nights off babysitting once in a while, like every other week. Book off time. Make sure he knows that it's not because you don't like him that you can't hang out all the time.

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clear out a place in your sch

clear out a place in your schedual each week for em, and let him know how busy u are.

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I'll answer by way of metaphor. I've been a bit aggressive about going to the gym now for quite a while. I go seven days a week. Every person who finds this out always says they wish they had time to do that, too. But, even when I was working full-time and doing everything else, I still did it. Ultimately, when you commit to something fully, the time is there even if it means cutting out some other activity, getting less sleep, etc. For example, someone I know who tells me they have no time to work out is hooked on American Idol. Guess how many times they didn't find the time to watch that every week? Exactly.

First of all, relationships aren't guaranteed, so what's going to happen over breaks and over the summer? Who cares. If you don't find time for him now, the answer will be easy, as he won't be around anymore at that point. Focus on this week, this weekend, next week. Don't go looking too far out.

Also, instead of looking for quality, candlelit one-on-one time, what can you both do together? Working out at the gym is something you can do together. Babysitting? Depends on the situation.

If you normally do homework at night, start doing it on your way home from school. whittle away at the block of available time you have and things will find a place whereby he will find his way in.

Once you are out to your mom and serious with this boy, you can take him home when you visit your mom. Just make sure she knows what's up right from the start, rather than her thinking "friend" and you two are rocking the mattress a few times before she pieces it together.

One of my favorite quotes is from John Lennon: Life is what happens while you're busy maing other plans. There will never be a perfect moment where your schedule just opens up and everything goes your way. You have to push to make things happen. if you don't, there's probably some subconscious reason why you're not making it happen.

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Lacking a boyfirend its hard for me to give advice, but I'm glad to see that you're back and that your dad has calmed down

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Your dad

Did you ever get back into the house? How had your
dad taken the "comming out" to him now that some time
has passed? Are you Ok?
Old fox Bob