Happy day!!!!

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Ok, so today was a happy day! First I got Ted, my laptop (and yes I am naming him Ted because it spells Det backwards, which is what I am in to my parents...plus I know you really spell debt like that...but whateva), and the girl I like likes me back! She's the bi one that I hooked up in October with, but stopped what was going on because she had/ has a boyfriend. I've been telling her about the crazy psycho girl in my life, and she's been very perturbed that I keep going back to her, but the funny thing is that the only reason I wanted psycho girl was so that I could move on from her...sigh of happiness...She told me that she reciprocated my feelings, but just needed time to sort things out, which is totally cool with me because I like her boyfriend, he's a nice guy, and I don't want to break up her relationship with him. It just wouldn't feel right. Though I did get to hold her hand! And earlier in rehearsal she gave me a massage/ neck fondling that completely turned me on. Hell, all that girl has to do is look at me. If she knew how much I wanted her, she could probably control me like a robot zombie or something...


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Yay! That sounds very happy! Hope things work out longer-term with the girl you like.

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