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I'm going to be posting a lot of links here. This stuff is important:

MSG and Aspartame are neurotoxins. Sucralose/Splenda and titanium dioxide is bad news as well. It's wise to boycott them.

More, and this is a short one:

Damn, and I just bought a bunch of Tropicana lemonade, and Challenge Butter, with 'Natural Flavouring'. I'll use this up, and never buy the garbage again. Thank the gods for Trader Joe's, though these days you even have to read the labels there. At least they have some things that are OK, and ours sell humanely raised and slaughtered meat. (Which I still won't buy.) I'm not a complete vegetarian, still eating chicken and some seafood, but I've cut back a lot. After reading excerpts from Gail Eisnitz' 'Slaughterhouse', I just couldn't bring myself to continue eating mammals. The animals aren't necessarily dead prior to rendering, not to mention factory farming is so amazingly cruel, I don't see how it can exist. Not to mention, factory famed meat is a health hazard, with all the hormones and antibiotics they get. Not to mention the unsanitary conditions they are raised and killed in.

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Everything is bad for you whe

Everything is bad for you when you get down to it, and as for inhumane treatment of animals, It bugs me thats why im very picky about the meat i eat, (mind out of gutter) our family usually buys cows off a nice farm that our friend owns where their well looked after and fairly close to organic.

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Being vegan is easy. Cutting back on meat is hard. I am completely happy and content, whereas everyone I know who just tries to cut back moans about how much they miss eating meat. It really is addictive. Making the break entirely is really the easiest way. It's almost like alcoholics trying to just do a shot every so often instead of getting sober. It just makes it harder/worse.