Homophobe Encounter

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I am yorimoka btw

I want to hear responses and comments!

[16:21] [homophobe]: hey
[16:21] Yorimoka: whos this
[16:22] [homophobe]: my sis told me u where a gayfer
[16:28] Yorimoka: Who is this?!
[16:29] [homophobe]: chazang235
[16:29] [homophobe]: i go to marist
[16:29] [homophobe]: i am in 7th grade
[16:32] Yorimoka: what is your name little kid
[16:32] [homophobe]: who u callin lil kid fagget
[16:33] Yorimoka: because your imaturity level just went through the roof
[16:33] [homophobe]: wow u r a gayfer
[16:34] Yorimoka: yes sir, I am
[16:35] [homophobe]: SO UR GAY
[16:36] Yorimoka: so your jsut finding this out?
[16:36] [homophobe]: ya
[16:36] Yorimoka: I would figure that someone getting into marist would be a bit smarter than you
[16:36] [homophobe]: wats your name gayfer
[16:36] Yorimoka: you could never be too sure
[16:37] [homophobe]: wat is it?
[16:37] Yorimoka: little child, I do not give out my name to desperate losers.
[16:37] Yorimoka: Especially those who act like they go to marist.
[16:38] [homophobe]: where do u go to school gafer
[16:38] Yorimoka: If you did go to marist you would know my name and that I was gay.
[16:38] [homophobe]: exacly
[16:39] Yorimoka: [16:32] Yorimoka: what is your name little kid
[16:32] [homophobe]: who u callin lil kid fagget
[16:33] Yorimoka: because your imaturity level just went through the roof
im so printing that out, all my friends are going to laugh hysterically
[16:39] Yorimoka: I dont blame them
[16:39] [homophobe]: see u mon. gayfer
[16:40] Yorimoka: see ya, and by the way nice come backs and etc
[16:40] [homophobe]: thx
[16:40] Yorimoka: you really proved your "Childness"
[16:41] [homophobe]: thx
[16:41] [homophobe]: u rely proved your gayness
[16:41] Yorimoka: whats to prove?
[16:41] Yorimoka: Im gay and I know it
[16:41] Yorimoka: and you do too obviously
[16:45] Yorimoka: Hear the silence? Thats the sound of a child getting beatin' down 3 feet.


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damn, i don't understand how

damn, i don't understand how people can be so stupid, its 2006 people are gay no shit, they have movies, shows and songs about gay people, get the fuck over it. you say that was the funniest encounter you had with a homophobe but doesn't it bother you that he was so close minded? and fucken rude?

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Jerry, you pwn3d this 'phobe.



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I hate homophobes but I will say your encounter with him is pretty funny. I mean homophobes are stupid as it is so when they are young and try to argue they sound naturally stupid. O well thnx for providing this lil chat message for all of us.

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oooh people and their ways...

oooh people and their ways... their so silly!

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people are so stupid There

people are so stupid

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"Gayfer"??? What the fuck?

"Gayfer"??? What the fuck? Just when I thought insults couldn't get any stupider . . .

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Heh-heh. Suberb. Typical 12 year old kid who probably calls himself knightslayer.

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As Cartman would say: Kickass

As Cartman would say: Kickasss.

Anyhoo, that's freaking hilarious when you beat some moron down like that. Had an encounter like that awhile ago and it was equally hilarious. wish i'd saved it so we could have all laughed at that stupid homophobe. Anyway, good job on beatin' down the 'phobe.

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