I Am Going To Go Ahead With My Decision.

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If you are reading this and aren't the person i am referring to in the entry you can skip ahead read the first maybe 3 or 4 sentences then go to the 3rd paragraph. Oh and if you are 'the mouse that roared' user read the full first paragraph thanks. Or if you want to you can read everything it really isn't alot i just split each part into a certain number of sentences.

Ok so i decided that Tuesday i am going to talk to my new therapist T who i talked about in my last entry. If you feel like it read it if not just read this. With some ecouragement from the use the mouse that roared on my last entry i am going to talk to T. She was right i want this women's advice and i do like her alot she's really nice and easy to talk to. Helped me out by what she said after i went with her to her office Thursday. She walked in my class and i don't remember exact words but something referring to howmy day was going. She made a comment about the game 3 of us were playing a 2 person one so we each were taking turns.

Manacala well back on track. She was about to leave and i was going back and forth in my head weather or not i should show her my last journal entry that i wrote. So i was gonna write down the site address and give my password and name so she could get to the entry. But then i realised she doesn't know about me to know what this website is so i asked her if the computer in her office had the internet. She said yes and we both walked down to the office she was using since hers is on the 3rd floor. Well i went in she turned on the computer and told her to read the entry and then come get me when she was finished.

Then i went to gym. So then she must have finished some amount of minutes later and walked in the gym i got so nervous when she walked in worried about wether or not she looked further through the site and figured what kinda site it was. So she left then we went to class like a while later after gym and then a little bit later she came and got me.

Well i sat down and she said she liked the entry i wrote about her and my other therapist and that she thought it was well thought out. She had some confusion also about the fact that she is coming in as a short term therapist. That was nice to hear and that she couldn't stress enough that it was at my pace to reveal myself to her and if i don't it won't hurt her feelings.

So that kinda reassured me of tjat if i decided to open up to her it would be ok. I don't know if she did or didn't but i am going to ask her next Tuesday also if when we were leaving the office she actually said quote "i have alot of respect for you". Because if she did then i am going to tell her some things i was thinking about that. But i think i am going to talk to her cause it would be fun to hear her thoughts on things.


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she sounds nice :) i wish i h

she sounds nice :) i wish i had someone like her to talk to!

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