I dunno what the hell ima do.

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Okay i swear this is my last entry about that guy. K we were riding the bus today and i was sitting and he was playing with my braided stringy thing that glows. I was listening to KoRn and it was blaring b/c the bus was quit so he blows on the back of my neck and leans in to listen. I take one ear bud out and gave it to him. Well then after we were through listenign me and him were talkign about funny stuff, and omfg he got really close to my face, i was gonna lean in the 'kiss' him but i stopped b/c i would get hit or something. But i looked deep into his brown eyes and saw the love of my life in there, if only, if only.


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Awe!!!! That sounds so amazing! But also SO sad!!!!! I hope it works out. Jeez, I'm such a hopeless romantic.

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Kiss Him!

Next time kiss him, i think he's into you i mean it sounds like it and maybe he was gonna kiss you but lost his nerve and plus why would he blow on your neck and get so close to you?
brown eyes, love of your life that's so sweet!
Good Luck

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just like always
still I want some more"
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OMG! If it happens again, lea

OMG! If it happens again, lean in close, slowly just to be sure. If he leans in or doesn't move, I'd say go for it! He seems like he likes you. If he's acting like that, I'd say he wants you.

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I cant do it. :( no one knows im bi. And besides there are ppl around. I would rather it happen in private....:( why does this have to be so hard.

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next time its just right like

next time its just right like that, either lean over and kiss him or ask - can i kiss you? the second option can always be passed off as a joke if he reacts badly. good luck.

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